NeuroCounseling & Mind-Body Therapies

Neurocounseling and somatic therapies can help you become more attuned to your feelings, expand perspectives, and integrate your mind-body connection. Become your "authentic self" by managing and/or eliminating overthinking, negative self-talk, toxic stress and interpersonal relationships. Remove the emotional charge of traumatic memories, family patterns, self-defeating language, subconscious mechanisms, habits and behaviors.

PTSD, Trauma, Grief & Bereavement

Need help adjusting or moving through a traumatic life experience, or a death? Experience new ways to process emotional pain, honor yourself and loved ones, disentangle the narrative in your mind. Develop debriefing skills by desensitizing unwanted body sensations/core beliefs, while changing your neurobiology. Whether you are reacclimating to civilian life or have had a life altering event I can help.

Relationship & Life Coaching

Develop advanced communication, optimize problem solving strategies to break cycles of dysfunction such as the pursuer versus the distancer. Eliminate criticism, nagging, and personal attacks creating fair fighting rules, gain mutual respect, admiration, and win-win outcomes. Process unfinished business while overcoming perpetual gridlock, build "Love Maps" and maintain Intimacy using your partners love language.